Compassion International Child Development Centers GH0754, Ghana (Africa)

Thank you for considering partnering with Compassion to improve the lives of children at the Anomabo Child Development Center in Ghana. Your generous gift will provide new bathroom facilities and hygiene education that will safeguard the health of thousands of children in the coming years, taking them a crucial step further on their journey out of poverty.

Every day in the developing world, more than 800 children die because they do not have access to adequate sanitation or safe water. Thousands more fall ill, miss school and suffer needlessly. In particular, open defecation and poor handwashing habits put children at risk of waterborne illnesses such as cholera, diarrhea and bacterial meningitis. Providing access to improved sanitation facilities
and hygiene education is fundamental to saving children’s lives and releasing them from poverty. Compassion’s WaSH interventions have an immediate and long-lasting impact, making children stronger, healthier and better equipped to succeed in life.

• Globally, 2.3 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities, and nearly 1 billion are forced to defecate in the open.
• 85 percent of Ghanaians lack access to adequate sanitation.
• 16 percent of rural Ghanaians do not have a reliable source of safe drinking water.
• Nearly one in four Ghanaians live below the poverty line.
• 66 is the average life expectancy for Ghanaians.

In Ghana, access to simple and basic sanitation facilities has been a challenge for many households. According to WaterAid, 23 million people don’t have access to improved sanitation in Ghana. As a result, about 4,000 children under five years die annually from poor water and sanitation. Anomabo Child Development Center, located in a fishing community in the central region of Ghana, is no exception. The registered children, workers and volunteers at this center have been forced to resort to unhygienic and unapproved methods when it comes to attending to nature’s call. The existing, dilapidated public toilets are not child-friendly and do not provide separate facilities for boys and girls, putting girls at further risk. As a result, some children are now adopting open defecation. The leadership of the church are concerned that children have picked up this unhealthy habit and know that if left unchecked, this will pollute the environment and could create fertile grounds for the spread of related diseases like cholera.

Also, although these beneficiaries have been taught the importance of proper hand washing after using the toilet and or playing on the field, the current handwashing facility provided is inadequate for the number of children. Moreover, the church is unable to provide a bigger reservoir that can store water for use by all the children during curriculum meeting days. This situation is posing as a threat to the health and safety of the children especially, as well as the workers and volunteers.

To address this urgent and critical need, the church leadership have secured land where an adequate toilet facility can be constructed. When finished, this construction project will provide children and staff members at the center with an eight-seater toilet, two shower rooms, a water tank and four handwashing sinks. Additionally, children and adults will be educated on safe hygiene and sanitation practices. With your help, leadership at the center can execute their strategy for completing this project.

Project milestones include:
• contract a construction team of artisans to complete the work
• purchase necessary materials
• oversee the construction of the facility
• conduct education on sanitation and hygiene
• continued monitoring, evaluation, and reporting


BUDGET SUMMARY                                 US                             LOCAL                            TOTAL
Land Clearing $1,208 $813 $395
Material Costs $17,934 $64 $17,870
Construction and Artisan Labor $6,745 $693 $6,052
Education and Training $2,525 $343 $2,172
Totals $28,402 $1,913 $26,489

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request. Your contribution will not only help provide the gift of good health and a healthy future for Ghanaian children in need but will also serve as a tangible and powerful expression of God’s love for them.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” MATTHEW 25:40, NIV

Compassion International Child Development Centers TG203, TG208, & TG671.


THE CONCERN: Inadequate and unsafe drinking water at 3 Child Development Centers in Togo. Need: $66,546

$66,546: Funded December 24, 2015. Completed Fall 2016

Your gift helped transform the well-being and health of 915 Compassion-assisted children, their families, and their caregivers.  The funds you donated, combined with the gifts of other caring friends, enabled the three church-based Compassion centers these children attend, located northwest of the capital city of Lomé, to drill deep borehole wells. More importantly, you provided the children something they have never had before — access to abundant, safe water and the promise it provides of a bright and healthy future!

There are a few wells in the communities targeted by this project, but they are far from the Compassion centers, and the lines to collect water are unbearably long. Additionally, for Saturday activities hosted at the center, volunteers prepare by spending all day Friday collecting and hauling water. But even then there is not enough water to meet Saturday’s needs: The children cannot wash their hands before meals or after visiting the toilet, and there is not enough to drink to stay hydrated during the games. Volunteers cooking the children’s meals often run short of water, which also makes properly cleaning the center facilities impossible. Worse still, the water is often unsafe, leading to illness among the children. Recently, the three centers reported 54 cases of  waterborne illness, including life-threatening cholera. Diseases also affect children’s school attendance.

The staff members have to spend a significant portion of their budget to treat these preventable illnesses — funds that could be better spent on expanded learning and development opportunities for the children.

The children’s home situations are another detriment to their health. In most cases their families’ source of water is contaminated and located a significant distance away. The time-consuming, physically taxing job of collecting water often falls to the children, and their caregivers have little understanding of the principles of good hygiene, sanitation and the prevention of waterborne diseases.

With your help and the help of others, this dire situation can be turned around — not only for the children currently served by these three Compassion centers, but for countless more to be served in the future. Expected to take 16 months, this life- changing initiative will accomplish the following at each center:

  • a borehole well site selected
  • task force committee appointed and a drilling expert hired
  • bids from drilling companies solicited and the most reputable and competitive selected
  • a deep borehole well drilled and an electric pump installed
  • a concrete tower constructed and a high- capacity water storage tank installed
  • water supply lines connected
  • a hand-washing station constructed
  • 915 Compassion-assisted children and 874 caregivers trained in proper

hygiene and sanitation practices as well as waterborne disease awareness and prevention

  • water made available to families in the community for a reasonable price (using the funds collected to maintain the well)


BUDGET SUMMARY                             US                       LOCAL                       TOTAL
Land $582 $582 $0
Construction and Material Costs $60,643 $55 $60,588
Training $2,266 $0 $2,266
Supervision and Monitoring $3,692 $0 $3,692
Totals $67,183 $637 $66,546

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request. Your contribution will not only help provide the gift of good health and a healthy future for Togolese children in need but will also serve as a tangible and powerful expression of God’s love for them.